Anti-trolling lessons set for the classroom

In the wake of the Daily Telegraph’s anti-trolling campaign Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made a personal request to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to consider including the topics of anti-trolling and cyber bullying in school curriculum.  Given the rapid and continued rise of social media in today’s technologically driven society many believe this is a warranted change.

We are often given conflicting advice on how to deal with bullies.  In everyday life we are told to stand up to them, to tell a friend, parent or teacher and have them held accountable for their actions.  Within the online sphere we are encourage to ignore them.  Don’t feed the trolls is the popular online mantra.  The more social media grows the greater following it develops and the more engrained it becomes in our society.  It is not uncommon for children to have social media profiles.  If this is the case than I personally believe it is essential that children are taught from an early age (around the same time they start using social media) about best online practice and how to deal with cyber bullying.

What do you guys think?  Do you think education regarding cyber bullying and trolling should be incorporated into the school curriculum or do you think this is an extreme measure and maybe should be left up to parents to deal with?  Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this one so shoot us a line in the comment section below, facebook us or tweet us @inatrolltrollworld.



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