The Trollfrontation : BBC’s Hunt for internet trolls.

While branching out my research into international social media and online forum spheres , A frequent theme about trolling crept up. How to deal with trolls when you encounter one  or when you are a victim of one? many had different theories. ignoring trolls , reporting them to moderators etc. on a larger scales there is also  much talk to legislate the problem away , giving powers to police to track down trolls, and increasing the penalties of cyber bully and the like ( stay tuned for more on this in future posts).

That is when I stumbled upon a UK documentary by the British Broadcasting Company entitle ‘the Anti-Social Network’ . The documentary follows a journalist that confronts a troll Damon Evans as he interacts with the troll online trading blows which started on a Facebook page dedicated to a recently deceased young woman . The journalists then organises to track down Damon Evans physically and drive to his house to confront him.

After revealing that it was part of a Documentary , Damon Evans accepts to be interviewed in order to give his side of the story about trolling. He accepts some of his trolling was inappropriate but then defends many of his other actions . This is definitely worth checking out. A whole new perspective  – from the trolls themselves – about the motivation behind trolling . Maybe we can learn from what Damon says and identify the roots to such a hateful practise.

We are really interested in seeing what you guys think about this , As usual please drop us a comment , would love to hear your insights.

Post by J.Y


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