Today I came across this Crikey article that questions why the Daily Telegraph’s Stop The Trolls campaign has proved so ineffective.  Crikey reports former Herald Sun editor Bruce Gurthrie as saying “Good newspapers advocate for change in the community.  I’ve always favoured campaigns that directly impact the city and improve the city,” he said. ”My concern with this one is that it’s not of direct benefit to the people of Sydney and I wonder how achievable it is. My gut reaction as a former editor is that it’s a bit airy fairy and the goal isn’t as well-sketched as it should be.”

You can read the full article here:

This article got me thinking about our goals and objectives.  Who did they directly benefit?  Did they directly benefit anyone at all?  And how achievable were they?  When JY and myself first sketched out our objectives for this campaign there were many and they were great.  Let’s take a look at the three big ones.

1. We wanted to create awareness.
On this not I think we have done rather well.  We have generated a following across a variety of platforms and have regularly communicated with them.  What do you think?  Have you learnt something new from out blog?  Do you feel more educated and informed after visiting In a Troll Troll World?

2. We wanted to provide a platform for people to vent their spleen and for people to feel supported.
Twitter and Facebook have proved more successful platforms for communicating with our followers.  We have made a conscious effort to respond to everyone who has written to us and we encourage more of you to do so.

3. We wanted to create a behavioural change.
Creating a behavioural change is a hard one.  Countering anti-social behaviour takes education and it takes time.  On reflection our blog has really only targeted people who see trolling as an issue it has not targeted the trolls themselves.

With any campaign or project it is important to step back, assess your progress and redefine your goals and objectives.  That is exactly what we have done.  Stay tuned guys, In a Troll Troll world 2.0 is on it’s way with a more targeted, precise and achievable campaign that will directly benefit YOU!



One response to “Reflection

  1. Although I do agree with a lot of what Crikey have said about the Telegraph’s campaign I think that anything which is being done to try and end this horrible behaviour is worthwhile. Something is always better than nothing.

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